We translate high volumes of online form inputs and interactions into profiles to support companies in user selection.

About us

In 2019

Our journey began with an innovation grant, allowing us to develop a prototype that differentiates users based on their form inputs and interactions. 

Over the years, we have been fortunate to receive support from venture capital investors, Startup Wise Guys and Tenity (F10 Zurich).

In 2020

Our hard work was recognized by the Fintech community when we were awarded the "Fintech innovator of the Year" title.

At MANU Analytics

We serve unsecured consumer lenders in the LATAM region, particularly in Mexico. We have successfully analyzed millions of online credit applications. 

Our primary use-case has been identifying unqualified borrowers before onboarding, and with ROC-AUC scores reaching 0.92 and above.

Our business goal

Is to help companies reduce costs associated with third-party user data collection, such as credit bureau and registry data. This information is vital for determining credit scores and making loan decisions. 

As a result of our innovative approach, we have demonstrated a 30% savings in data collection costs, while reducing workload and improving the risk profile of users.

Track record

MANU Analytics has captured data from millions of online forms, proving its business relevance to numerous clients across the globe.

We are proud

To have a team of the brightest academics, whose innovative ideas have become an integral part of our company's DNA. 

Join us as we continue to revolutionize user selection and analytics for businesses worldwide.

Meet our CEO & advisory board

Daumantas Zamalis

Founder & CEO

Dr. Matthias Buob

Strategy & Business Development

Assoc. Prof. Antanas Kairys

Behavioral psychology

Dr. Franca Burkhardt

Strategy & Leadership

Jane Piper

Talent acquisition