Make personalised business decisions based on behavioural profiling

Every customer leaves specific marks while applying for services and filling applications online.

We turn these marks into behavioural profiles to help businesses make objective & timely decisions.

Pre-scoring for lending companies

We help consumer lending companies save money by identifying unreliable customers before scoring.

Extra layer for customer scoring

We help companies improve their existing scoring process when relevant data about customers is limited.

Customer journey optimization

By analysing customer behavior during application we are able to identify critical drop off points in the process to help you increase conversion rate.

We help to identify reliable customers

Everyone can look great online. Lack of objective personal data makes it difficult for companies to select the best customers.

MANU profiling - behavioural data driven AI model identifies reliable borrowers while they apply for a loan.

3 dimensional model driven by behavioural data

Our product uses data driven machine learning model to analyze customers based on 3 dimensions of their personality.

Personality traits

The personality type and dominant traits of the customer.

Social identity

How does the person identify herself or himself as a member of society and communities.

Emotional state

What emotional state the customer was in during the application process.

No external data sources needed

We work with the application forms that your company already uses. There is no need to tap in to external data sources.

Who we are

Our founders have extensive experience in consumer lending, academic involvement in to the fields of behavioural psychology & data science.

Daumantas Zamalis

CEO & Founder

Antanas Krasauskas

CBDO & Co-founder

Antanas Kairys, PhD

Behavioural Psychologist, Co-founder

Our partners