Alternative credit scoring market review

As you may already know our team under UAB "Sutelktinis finansavimas" has started new project.

During the MVP of MANU P2P lending platform we identified the need to segment our clients and increase efficiency. That is why we have developed a concept of behavior based alternative scoring model, that is aimed for identification of trustworthy borrowers in the stage of application filling with the focus on handheld device as a medium for interaction.

We filed for the grant to Lithuanian business support agency and we have received it recently.

To move forward with the development of the project I have made a research of similar initiatives/products. This was repetitive exercise, same research was done before filing for the grant 3 years ago. Not surprisingly the landscape has changed, there are some very interesting development from around the world.

I am sharing this review with intent to receive feedback from anyone who is also involved in similar endeavor and willing to discus or share their findings as well.

Daumantas Zamalis, co-founder

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